Aftercare, Service & Warranty

Delivery / Warranty


After payment is made, all equipment purchased will be delivered to you within 15-30 working days.. Training will be arranged right away from e.l.k receiving full payment.

Ongoing Help & Support

Whether you seek technical help; after-sales or treatment advice; or marketing tips, the team at e.l.k are here to offer help at any time to your salon, clinic or wholesalers. Our objective is to ensure that our valued clients all receive exceptional after-sales care so that you get the most from your new purchase. Please make sure you stay in touch with us.


All machines come with a 1 -3 year manufacturers warranty.

Warranty Cover

Extended Warranties
We at e.l.k are so confident in our equipment that all equipment is supplied with a minimum of a 12 month warranty cover. We have our own in-house Engineers who can repair or replace any issues whatsoever.

Technical Helpline

Mon – Fri 9-5pm. Our fully qualified engineers are always on hand to help answer questions about your machines. They know the equipment inside-out and there’s nothing they can’t repair. More often than not, they can resolve problems during a phone call. Please call 01823 431574 / 07388 875020.

RR Company Policy

Our Repair or Replace company policy is extremely successful – if we can’t fix it we will replace it. We, more than most, understand the frustrations caused when on a rare circumstance a machine goes down. We will repair damaged goods on site within 48 hours if possible, if the machine cannot be repaired on site it will taken away for repair and a replacement machine provided if possible for use while we fix the machine. If it cannot be fixed , the machine wil be replaced.

Warranty: 1 Year Complete and full Warranty with all machines.- covers breakdown, parts and labour.

After the 1 year there are 2 options : Part or full warranty options (£2500/yr or £3500/yr (UK)(£4000/yr or £5,000/yr India) (£4000/yr or £5000/yr EU) (can be paid in full, in 3 instalments or monthly). Part warranty Includes : 2 call outs / yr to service the system on site, check water, calibrate ). Full warranty includes: 2 Call outs / year to calibrate the system on site, check water, emergency call out, breakdown, parts, labour, replacement machine if we can not fix, we fix any problems!)Manufacturing problems are covered in the warranty. If you break the hand-piece or the touch screen by dropping it this type of accident will not be covered by us and should be covered by your own insurance accidental damage policy.)
Installation: Installation included when you purchase a machine, by a qualified engineer, delivers installs the machine, calibrates etc. (Takes 1-2 hours)

Training: Next day after engineer installs – 1 days training – covering what a laser is, covering all treatments on live models , full machine operation, trouble shooting etc. Day 2 of training – a few weeks later to discuss questions, concerns, issues, trouble shoot, settings, advanced settings, looking at the system, repeat practical training on live models if required.
If anyone is interested (UK) we can come to you with the machine in your clinic / salon or you can visit us to touch, feel, see, experience the machine yourself.

Approvals: FDA Approved (Diode Laser hair removal machine).

Updates: No updates required currently in the foreseeable future for any of our machines as they’re all the latest technology but if there are they will be provided. If there is a new hand-piece you can add the new hand-piece.

Consumables: Ultrasound gel – HIFU

Pre requisites: Diode Laser Hair removal – Laser laws currently stipulate that no previous qualifications are required in order to operate a Diode Laser for hair removal ( it is a safe diode laser.) but we do like users to be qualified level 2 beauty therapist at least if possible, or have core of knowledge. (This can be completed if required and on-line easily and cheaply.)

Pre requisites: Hifu Skin Tightening – Laws currently stipulate that no previous qualifications are required in order to operate a Hifu Machine but we do like users to be qualified level 3 beauty therapist at least if possible, have an anatomy, Physiology qualification or have core of knowledge. (This can be completed if required and on-line easily and cheaply.)